Month: October 2018

My Escape

So, you might wonder, why did I start writing if it was always so hard? Simple. I thought I was just stupid, and I never knew everyone didn’t face the same challenges I did. I thought reading and writing was difficult for everyone, and I was stupid in all aspects of life, not just reading….

On Reading and Dyslexia

Back in school, I never knew I had dyslexia. I was not tested until I failed my bachelor thesis and my professor (who, funny enough, was himself a foreigner) told me I wrote so poorly, it was almost impossible to read and it was difficult to imagine I was not a foreigner myself. Now, the…

Allowing My Meltdowns to Happen

Meltdowns suck, but you already know that if you read yesterday’s post. It’s a part of my life that I could live without, but it is also a part of what makes me what I am. Therefore, I needed to find some way of living in balance with my meltdowns. I wanted to stop fearing…