9 – 5 Zombie

No, this has nothing to do with covid-19 or any other virus, pandemic or a zombie apocalypse. It has nothing to do with anything going on right now, real or fictional alike. It has everything to do with my future – or what my future might become….

What Could (Not) Have Been

Life has been strange lately. Not just lately, this entire year has been strange. I have gone through so many different feelings; I will never be the same. Now, many of us are affected by the covid-19 virus in some way. Some nations struggle more than others, but it seems like we all feel it….

Who I Am, What I Need and What I Want

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I want and need in life. What I need is the essentials, but what I want somehow feels equally essential in spite of the fact that my needs should be the aim of my focus. Perhaps, this is one of the mistakes I’ve been making. As you know, I…