Back in 2017 a lot had just happened to me. I graduated university with a masters degree in Japanese studies, I couldn’t get a job to pay off all of my students loans and yeah, I had also just been diagnosed with Asperger’s, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a few other things like anxiety and depression.


It was a lot all at once.

This is who I am: Kai Skjold.

In spite of my dyslexia, I have always loved to write. It is a way for me to quiet my mind and often I desperately need that. My Asperger diagnosis made me rethink my life and I realised I had to make some changes. Back then, I wasn’t sure who I was or even who I wanted to be. I knew who I had tried and failed to be, but it wasn’t a person a liked. It was what I had always felt had been expected of me.

It’s been a few years now and I’m still trying to figure out how to live in a world made for neurotypicals as an atypical person. It’s not easy, but then again, when is life ever easy? Neurotypical or not.

This blog is about my journey, my life and it’s about being different. I write posts about myself, what autism spectrum disorder is and what it’s not, tips and tricks that makes it easier to interact with world and much, much more.

I hope to create more autism awareness and acceptance in the world and you can join me in this endeavour in your own way!

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