Month: March 2019

How Not To Be Seen

My whole life I struggled to hide in plain sight, but since my diagnosis I have struggled to be seen. It’s odd to experience how trying to hide can make you stand out and how trying to be seen can make you ignored. At least, that is how it has felt to me. About two…

What to Do When We Feel Useless

We all feel like this sometimes, don’t we? Useless. Like whatever we try to do only makes things worse. All we do is mess things up. I feel like that a lot….

How Acne Can Make Us Feel Worthless

When I was a teenager I hardly ever got acne. I never really thought about it either, even though the other girls in school all worried about it all the time. As I grew into young adulthood it suddenly changed. It gave no warning and happened almost overnight. It felt like that. One day I…